Saturday, August 21, 2010

Our objective here is to make a Matrix wallpaper. We will be using images of a set of warriors (or anyone for that matter) and will try to incorporate it into Matrix look wallpaper. The “green” effect will be what we shall try to obtain and also the falling numerical and stuff. So here goes. Starting from the basics of Photoshop :) .

I used CS2. The shortcuts etc may vary in later versions so I shall not be referring to them here. We will take the long cuts here. Besides, shortcuts can be reconfigured in Photoshop.

Step 1

Click on File-New to create a new Canvas. In the Preset menu select A3 (used because it the standard size for printing). Also choose CMYK color mode if you have printing in mind. Now we have out canvas.

Step 2

Rotate the canvas to the longitudinal orientation. Go to Image-Rotate Canvas to get the correct orientation.

Step 3

Get the images of the people you want in you wallpaper. Here we shall use 1 and 2 as shown here. Try to get images with white backgrounds.

Step 4

Open the images in photoshop. Now we need to Cut out the men from it. Since the background here in white we can select him by using the Magic Wand tool.

This basically selects all connected areas with the same color to the point which we click on. Clicking on the white part here selects the entire white background (BG) as shown.

In order to select the guy, Right Click-Select Inverse. Now the inverse of the previously selected area is selected. ie the guy and not the BG.

Step 5

Choose the Move Tool and drag the selection (the guy) onto our new Canvas.

Step 6

Do the same thing with the second guy. We now have both the guys on our Canvas.

Now we need to make them both approximately the same size. Resizing the image is done using the Rectangular Marquee Tool. Select the layer to resize. Choose the Rectangular Marquee Tool.

Right Click-Free Transform. You can drag and resize by dragging the corners. In order to maintain the aspect ratio of the image (ie the length breadth ratio), hold down SHIFT key while resizing.

Now we have both the warriors in place for the rest of the fun ;)

Step 7

Get a good Matrix BG from the net. Open it in Photoshop. Choose Rectangular Marquee Tool. Press CTRL+A (to select the whole of the image). Choose Move Tool and drag it into our canvas. (This is the basic steps to follow to add whole images into our working Canvas)

Step 8

Note the Layers Box in Photoshop. This indicates the order of arrangement of the layers. The one on top will lie at the top and vice versa. Since we want the BG to be at the bottom, click and drag it to the bottom of the layers. Note that now the both the Warriors come in front of the the BG.

Step 9

Resize the BG to the proper size by following the Resize steps used earlier and obtain the overall layout of the wallpaper.

Step 10

Now comes the “Blending In” part. ie the BG and the Warriors have to go together to obtain the total look.

Step 11

We shall try to give a Shadowy look to the Warriors. Select the layer with him and Right Click-Blending options.

Choose Gradient Overlay.

Step 12

We want to obtain a Gradient such that the top part of the layer remains the same but the bottom has a black gradient. For this Click on the gradient. In the box, make both ends of the gradient Black. Then make opacity of one end 0. This gives the required look.

Repeat the same for both the Warriors.

Step 13

Now we need to give a Greenish tinge to both the Warriors to obtain the Matrix took. Select one of them and got to Filter-Render-Lighting Effects.

Step 14

Choose light type as Spotlight and under the Light Type section click on the color box and choose a light green color. Adjust the orientation of the Spotlight and get correct type of shadow on the bodies of the Warriors. Keep in mind how natural shadow looks to obtain a realistic effect. Repeat the same for both the warriors.

Step 15

We need to give a light source within the image to “explain” the shadows that we have added on the men (Think realistically!!).

Step 16

Choose the Matrix BG layer and go to Filter-Render-Lense Flare.

Step 17

Place the lense flare on the top Left corner. Repeat the same on the Top right corner as well.

Step 18

Now we want to add some more of the falling numbers around the Warriors, some of the them in front of them as well (It need not fall only behind them right?).

Step 19

Get the Matrix font from the net and install it.

Step 20

Click on Horizontal Type Tool to add Text. Click and drag to make a text box and type into it. Type so that the letters come one below the other.

Now we need to give it a greenish glow.

Step 21

Right click on the layer in the Layers Window and select Rasterize Type. Now Right-Click-Blending options.

Step 22

Choose Outer Glow and choose a green color for it. Increase the Spread and Size for the correct look. Repeat this for a varied look all over the image.

Now we have our own MATRIX WALLPAPER. Hope it was clear enough :)

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