Saturday, August 21, 2010

Create beautiful golden skin effect using three different ways
Today i will tell you three new ways to make a beautiful golden skin effect using 3 different color modes: RGB, Lab and CMYK. By picking up new color we can set the tone we want.
You should choose the good quality image to get better result.
I use this stock:

1. RGB :

1a. Duplicate your pic. Sharpen, soften skin it if need.
Press Ctrl+L to adjust levl. Choose Options to set new color:

Set midtones and shadows as defaut, and change highlight with fae78d .

After clicking ok, change input level like this:

Click No when you are asked to set new color as default.

1b. Create new brightness/contrast and Selective color layer:

1c. New level layer:

We have final effect:

2. Lab color:

2a. Duplicate your pic. Change the mode to Lab color without flattening layers.
Press Ctr+L to adjust levels on b channel. Choose options, and set f3d0d0 for shadows:

Change the mode to RGB . We have:

2b. Create a new selective color layer, adjust on Yellows channel:

I really like this effect but if you want, you can adjust the tone. Levels is correct if your pic is still dark or too strong tone:


3. CMYK :

3a. Duplicate the base. Change the mode to CMYK. Press Ctrl+L to adjust levels:

Choose Options and replace color like that:

Press No when you are asked to set such color to default.

You should change the mode to RGB before saving your image otherwise your pic tone will look darker after saving in CMYK.

3b. New Selective color layer :

3c. Now you can adjust the tone and lightness by Levels or Curves. I use Curves:

We're done:

Final effects from different modes:

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