Thursday, July 29, 2010


HarI seMAkin HAri SemAkin Tua.
meNIti HAri2 aKU kInI MENcaPAi UmUR 20(CEt AyAt Tk BlEh blAh)..
IT suCh A lOnG tiMe siNce LaSt tiME iM uPdATEd my BloG..
juSt HeRE waNT to ThaNKS to My frIENd ANd my faMILy eXPeciAllY my MOm(AZIAH MOHD SAID)..
foR reMEMBer my BIRfTHDay aND A miLIonS thANKs TO heR FOr riSKinG heR liFE juST fOR givE me a chaNGE to seE THIs woRLD..
wItHOut her iM miGHt NOt BE herE in THis woRLD...
aLSO i WOULd Like TO tHANKs TO othER wisHER THat IS.
MY AUnt(norSYaaDAh bT OmaR)
FRoENDS : 1.MY HOuseMAte..
pS:dONt ForGeT to WaTCh My FLasH viDEO ActuLLy MY lateST AssINGmenT
SEe Ur NExT tiME..

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